Monday, 23 April 2018


At Art club we have been experimenting with Printmaking. Today we made polyprints by carving patterns into polystyrene. Then we printed them in a grid to make a design. Hetvi really enjoyed when the print revealed itself right at the end! Here are some photographs of our Printmakering in action:

Thursday, 19 April 2018


Reception will be learning all about Mini beasts this term! We started by reading the wonderful story of The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle! 

We found out that the Hungry Caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly at the end of the story. In Art we made our own butterfly's using mar belling ink and decorated them remembering symmetry!

Angela is very proud of her beautiful butterfly!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Tour of London

Ms Vanderkar has a problem! Her friend is coming to visit her and she wants to see all of the amazing landmarks in London. Year 2 have kindly offered to help by making a leaflet full of interesting information but before they start writing they need to do some research. They started with a brilliant tour of London without even leaving the classroom! First, they had to use their tickets to board the tour bus. Don’t worry, they checked it had the correct date!
 Their fabulous tour guides (dedicated class teachers) took them on a tour of the famous landmarks across central London. This was the beginning of their research but they will continue this on during the next lesson where they will try to find the most exciting facts that can to entice the visitor to see them.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Year 4 inventors

Gainsborough Inventors

Year 4 have become inventors by creating their own robot to help with school work.
This should make life easier!!!

We Designed

We designed a robot to help with school work, it needed to be smart, movable and hardworking.

We Created

We made a prototype

We Explained

We wrote an explanation text to explain exactly how each feature of our high tech robot worked. 

We Persuaded

We persuaded an audience that our robot was without a doubt the best! It is going to change the way we work!

End of term in Year Two

In Year Two we had some exciting end of term activities.

We had an Easter egg hunt to fill up our Easter baskets. We had to search hard in the classroom to find the hidden eggs!

We also made Tornadoes in a bottle to celebrate the end of our Weather Topic.

Happy Easter everyone! 

Shell Observation Drawings

Drawing from observation is a real skill to master. In Year One this term we have been really looking at objects in order to represent them in our drawing. We have been remembering to use the mantra 'SEE, not 'think see'' to urge us to look at line, shape, texture and form when we draw.

These are our initial shell sketches using Posca paint pens to show the texture of the shells.

We are now all meeting the  fundamental Art skills for drawing from observation.

Next we experimented with mark marking on a range of surfaces. Well done Year 1 artists!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hockney Weather Collage

Year 2 have been making collages inspired by the artist David Hockney. Hockney makes art about the world around him and has captured weather and the patterns of water in his painting. We learnt about the ways Hockney has represented water in pattern and then we used this learning to make our own repeated water patterns before creating a composition working in three dimensions to replicate ripples and the movement of water. We are proud of our work and have achieved the Collage Fundamental skill for Art this term! Well done Owls and Hawks!
Jayson made patterns in three different ways!

Yasmin was inspired by Hockney's swimming pool painting

Akeem recreated the ripples from Hockney's painting

Myiah is so proud of her skillful patterns!